Certified Gold & Silver Coins
We recommend US gold coins, minted before 1933 and graded
Mint State 63 by The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or
Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC).
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Gold Type Coins
NPMG Selling Price
$20 Saint Gaudens Gold (1907-1933) Mint State 63
$10 Indian Gold (1908-1933) Mint State 63
$5 Indian Gold (1908-1929) Mint State 63
$2 1/2 Indian Gold (1908-1929) Mint State 63
$20 Liberty Gold (1877-1907) Mint State 63
$10 Liberty Gold (1866-1907) Mint State 63
$5 Liberty Gold (1866-1908) Mint State 63
$2 1/2 Liberty Gold (1840-1907) Mint State 63

Last Updated/Total: May 14, 2009


5 compelling reasons you should consider this gold set:

  • Most coin professionals believe high grade U.S. certified gold coins to be scarce, underrated and more importantly have the widest general appeal to the public. Considering the number of potential American buyers there are not many PCGS or NGC MS-63 sets available and only a small number of Americans could own a set regardless of price.
  • PCGS/NGC certified gold coins are universally traded. They are also universally owned and create the most universal demand both in this country and abroad. We mean great collectors, wealthy royalty and government treasuries all typically own United States gold pieces. And there are good reasons behind their choice. They know market after market these early gold coins hold value and represent wealth.
  • There are as many as 20 million collectors of gold coins already in place. No one knows for sure but these coins already have a large built in collector base that appreciates and wants to own gold coins struck before 1933. This adds yet another dimension, which increases demand from all sides.
  • These historical coins are a part of America's "golden era" of numismatics in which the designs have been acknowledged as the world's finest artistic effort. An important aspect, even if you're a "bottom line" type of investor looking only at gain.
  • Let’s discuss value. It’s not abstract, it is a function of demand, investor base, and intrinsic or weight component. There are other important considerations like beauty, rarity, and affordability. All of which have a direct bearing on a coin’s worth. Now try to imagine 100% of all the factors that positively impact the value of gold coins. We believe that PCGS/NGC MS-63 certified gold satisfies 95% of these factors.
    And there is one more thing, which is abstract, yet important. Most human beings possess a strong psychological drive to own what is no longer available or is not easy to obtain. Because early gold pieces are dated coins you are empowered to wonder if the coin in your hand was part of the California gold rush and an old miner’s dream.
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